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Free and professional ways for iPhone lost data recovery on mac

Calm down,when you lost any data from iPhone 6/6 Plus/5S/5C/5

Some guys may be so nervous when they lost data from their iPhone by accidental deletion, factory resetting or other iOS error. Honesetly, you don’t need to be nervous and disappointed. Some free and professiona ways can help you recover lost data from iPhone on Mac.

Free ways for iPhone 6/6 Plus/5S/5C/5 lost data recovery on Mac OS

Check iTunes backup

You must realize that when you connect your iPhone to Mac computer, and launch iTunes, iTunes will back up and sync your phone data including contacts, text messages, call history, photo stream, videos, notes, calendar, apps,etc. So, when you find you have lost any data from your iPhone, try to connect it to iTunes again, you can see the laest backup time in iTunes, then you just restore backup, you may get back what you lost.

Get it sync

If you can’t get wanted backup information in iTunes, but still need to restore lost data from iPhone on Mac, you can try to sync from some the 3rd-party apps like Microsoft-Outlook, Gmail, Goole Drive,etc. The operation is simple, for example, Click the phone in the “Devices” tab when it appears, and click the “Info” tab. In the “Contacts” section, click “Sync contacts from” and make your selection. Follow the prompts and sync your phone. To download contacts from a Google account, tap the “Settings” app and tap “Mail, Contacts, Calendars.” Set your Google account as your default contacts account.

Donwload back from iCloud

This way is like sync. iCloud is a cloud service provided by Apple,it allow user to backup their iOS device data to cloud server for storage and sharing. if you have enabled iCloud funcion on your phone, it will back up your contacts, calendar, note, photos,etc automatically every day. So when you need to get back them, you also can download or sync them via Aplle ID.

recover iphone on mac


Another kind of professional way to restore iPhone lost data on Mac

However, not all of us are so lucky to have backup for iPhone lost data. If backup don’t exist, those free ways may not help you to do iPhone lost data recovery on Mac.

In this case, you need to find more professional way to help you get back what you lost. Don’t worry,professional doesn’t mean complicated. You can use professional iPhone data recovery software for Mac.

Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery for Mac can get back all the data on iPhone with 3 powerful recovery modes: Recover Data directly from device, from iTunes backup file or from iCloud backup. With any way, you can quickly recover photos, contacts, text messages, notes and more on iPhone. It fully compatible with iOS 8 & iOS 8.2, iOS 8.3.

The steps of iPhone Data Recovery for Mac are easy as well.

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to Mac and Start to Scan.

Step 2: Preview and Select Lost Files

How to get back lost iPhone data after iOS 8.2 update

What’s news in iOS 8.2

Most of us focus on the Apple Watch in the Apple new products event in Spring. Of course, the portable device-Apple Watch must be the chief fable in this releasing event. This kind of watch works based on wireless connection, user can do many operations extended from the iPhone, iPad, even Macbook and iMac comptuer. The most important is, as the Apple watch releasing, iOS 8.2 also is released, and you can download for your devices now.

What’s news in iOS 8.2? Based on the contents of releasing event, the newest and biggest improvement in iOS 8.2 is features supporting for Apple Wacth. Apple work hard in this update for healthy features which will be active in Apple watch. Besides, Apple alsp improve the performance and fix the bugs in previous iOS.

However, have you lost data after iOS update?

Generally, before upgrading iOS, we will back up our phone data to prevent iPhone data lost when iOS update, becauese it seems that the amount of people who have problems when upgrading iOS. So, don’t forget backing up your devices before getting iOS 8.2 update.

However, when you lost any data including contacts, text messages, photos, videos, apps’data,etc in the progress of iOS 8.2 update, what you need to do firstly?

Indeed, most of us who just were suffering from data loss will behave too nervious and operate a lot on their iPhone. Those operations actually are not good for iPhone data recovery after ios 8.2 upadte. New data will overwrite those old(lost) data.

recover iphone lost data after ios 8.2 update


How to recover lost data from iPhone after iOS 8.2 update

To get back lost data after iOS 8.2 update, you can check your iTunes or iCloud backup.  The worst situation is there is something wrong happen to  your iPhone when update is in the progress, and your phone can’ boot normally. In this case, you need to use iTunes to restore and fix your phone error firstly. And then try to restore from backup.

Most people are more concerned about how to get back lost iPhone data after iOS 8.2 update? when backup are not exist.

Here, you need to use professional iPhone data recovery program, and as I said, operate as less as on your phone when data loss happen.

Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery is a life saver for those who lost iPhone data. Easily retrieve lost photos, contacts, SMS, notes, WhatsApp/Viber/Tango messages/voicemail , call history, even App Data (Instagram, Viber, Flickr, iPhoto, iMovie, Kindle), etc. in 20 types.


How to recover lost data from iPhone after iTunes 12.1 upgrade

Your iTunes 12.1 works well?

Apple released new version for iTunes just not long ago. iTunes 12.1 provide better services including data sync between iPhone, iPad, and iPod. What’s more, Mac version allows users check what is playing in notification bar in Mac OS X Yosemite.

The most important is, iTunes 12.1 have been changed from 32 bit to 64 bit. Thanks to this big change, many users gave feedback about iTunes 12.1 can’t work on their Windows computer, and some the 3rd-party iOS devices management software can’t run as normal as before. Those accidents make many users can’t back up and restore iPhone from iTunes normally.

How to recover iPhone data after iTunes 12.1 upgrade?

Indeed, errors happen to those users who still use 32 bit computer system mostly. And many the 3rd-party iOS device management software are developed based on old 32 bit system, so they all need to be updated for 64 bit.

If you need to use new iTunes or other software to restore iPhone data from backup, it seems not so convenient. Here are two ways to help you get back iPhone data from iTunes backup.

Way 1: Degrade iTunes

Many guys think that degrading iTunes is easy, just uninstall it from computer, and reinstall the older version. However, after reintalling, iTunes may not recognize iPhone. It is because, just unintalling iTunes doesn’t mean all additional software have been removed from computer.

So, there is a tip to degrade iTunes.

In fact, we need to follow some steps to unintall iTunes from computer.
First, you need to uninstall iTunes and related software with following orderin the “Control Panel ” and then restart the computer :

3.Apple Software Update
4.Apple Mobile Device Support
6.Apple Application Support

Note : Be sure to uninstall fllowing the above order, if you just uninstall in any other order or only uninstall some of them, it may produce unintended consequences.

After making sure new version of iTunes have been unintalled, you can reintall the older version of iTunes to restore your iPhone data.

recover iphone data without itunes 12.1


Way 2: Recover iPhone data with iPhone Data Recovery software

Um….you think it is annoying to reintall iTunes? Sometimes, accidents and errors still happen even if reintalling iTunes. Well, you can try to use other iPhone data recovery software to get back your lost iPhone data on computer without iTunes.

Tenorhsare iPhone Data Recovery(Win/Mac) in a program to recover data including contacts, text messages, photos, videos, call history, apps’ data, Viber messages, WhatsApp messgaes,etc. It can work without iTunes, and also allows users restore iPhone datad from iTunes backup.

The steps for iPhone data recovery with Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery are easy. You just install it to your Windows or Mac computer. Then connect your iPhone to computer, the software will detect device automatically. After detecting, you can scan your device to recover lost data, or import iTunes backup to restore.

Know more about it here:

I hope this tip can help you get back iPhone data in iTunes 12.1!

iPhone Photo Recovery for Mac – How to Recover Deleted Photos from iPhone 5, 4S, 3GS on Mac OS X

Mistakenly deleted your iPhone photos? Don’t panic, iPhone photo recovery software provide several ways of retrieving lost photos from iPhone 5, 4S, 4, 3GS…

Recover lost photo via extracting iTunes backup

If you backed up iPhone, iPhone photo extractor will read the “.db” SQLite files that iTunes creates. See how it works.
Free download iPhone photo extractor for Mac. This iTunes Data Recovery software can recover deleted photos from iPhone 5, 4S, iPad mini, iPad 4, and other iOS based devices, compatiable with both Windows and Mac OS X.

Step 1. Run this program.
Step 2. Add iTunes backup files.
Step 3. Select photos you want to recover and save them on your Mac computer.

iPhone Photo Recovery for Mac

iPhone Photo Extractor for Mac

For more info, you can read: How to use iPhone Photo Extractor for Mac.

Recover deleted iPhone photos without backup

If you ever backup iPhone photos, or lost the backup files, iPhone Photo Recovery for Mac will help you recover lost pictures without backup. This Mac iPhone photo recovery software also provides Windows version, and fully supports photo recovery for iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc. Just free download it!

Step 1. Run this iPhone photo recovery software.
Step 2. Scan your iPhone (including iPhone 5, 4S, iPad, iPod, etc…)
Step 3. Select photos you want to recover and transfer them on your Mac computer.

Mac iPhone Photos Recovery

iPhone Photo Recovery for Mac

For more info, you can read: How to use iPhone Photo Recovery for Mac OS X.

iPhone 5 Data Recovery – How to Retrieve Deleted Contacts, Notes, SMS, Photos from iPhone 5 for Mac and Windows

Part I. What Cause iPhone 5 Data Loss?

1. Lost iPhone 5 sata after jailbreak

iphone 5 data recovery

recover iphone 5 data

“When I try to jailbreak my iphone 5 with the latest version of redsn0w, I get this message: ‘missing keys.plist data for this build’. I have iOS 6 installed on my phone.” After iPhone Jailbreak failed, you may probably force to restore your iPhone to factory settings, which means, you are losing all your iPhone 5 data.

2. iOS upgrade caused iPhone 5 content lost

“After updating to iOS 6.0, I lost all of my contacts, text messages and imessages. Is there any way to get them back?!” You have realized that your iPhone data would be deleted automatically when iOS update. So the best way of iPhone 5 data recovery is data backup.

3. Deleted iPhone 5 data mistakenly

“I deleted my iPhone 5 Contacts by mistake, is there any way I can recover it? It turns out my iPhone had been backing up to iCloud at the same time so it was already deleted there. Please help!” Things will be easier if you have your iPhone 5 backed up, if not, just keep reading.

Part II. How to Recover Lost Data from iPhone 5

1. Recover iPhone 5 from iTunes Backup on Windows and Mac

If you have created a backup file in iTunes before data loss, which will help you to recover your data in any data loss situation. Here is how.
a. Connect your iPhone 5 to the Windows PC or Mac.
b. Open iTunes.
c. Right-click on the iPhone that’s connected and click ‘Restore from Backup’.
d. This will effectively remove all old information on your iPhone and get the backup data on your iPhone. If you had backed up contacts too in your previous iTunes backup, those will be restored to the iPhone and you should mostly recover that deleted contact now.

2.How to Recover Deleted iPhone 5 Contents from iCloud

iCloud is a cloud storage and cloud computing service from Apple Inc. The service allows users to store data such as music and iOS applications on remote computer servers for download to multiple devices such as iOS-based devices. So if you have iPhone 5 backups on iCloud, just follow there steps to recover them.

a. Login to with your Apple ID and password.
b. Select a file type (Contacts, for example), and search an contact to check if the deleted/lost file (from your iPhone) is still visible here.
c. If it is, go to Settings -> iCloud on your iPhone
d. Turn off Contact (if it’s not turned off yet)
e. When the popup message comes up, press ‘Keep on My iPhone’
f. Now, turn ON the contacts again and tap “Merge”; wait for a while
g. Step 5: After sometime, you should see the deleted contact back on your iPhone
h. In case this doesn’t work, all you do is delete your iCloud account (but keep all data) and then re-add the iCloud account by logging in with your Apple ID and password
i. Merge all data and wait for a while. After sometime, iCloud will have merged all contacts to your iPhone and the deleted one should be back!

3.How to Recover iPhone 5 Data with a iPhone 5 Data Recovery for Windows and Mac

If you neither backed up iPhone 5 via iCloud, nor no iTunes backup files in hand, then try a third-party data recovery software. Afer testing, this prgrogram works well for both Windows and Mac OS (2 version provided).
1. Download the reliable iPhone Data Recovery software.
2. Follow the instructions on its interface.
3. Very soon, you will retrieve all iPhone 5 deleted data.

Part III. Helpful Video: How to Recover Deleted Files from iPhone 5?